About this blog

Hello there,

Welcome to the OAsome blog. This is a travel blog of a couple who guess what … their initials start with an O and an A. They both really like travelling new places, finding out interesting adventures and take casual photos.

This blog also gives an area for friends to share some of their experiences or handy tips that they found out during their travel experiences!

Would you like to take a stroll around the OAsome world?

Then, follow along on our short adventures as we capture the planet!

Why another travel blog?

Yay we agree, you would say all good, but why another travel blog? And truth to be told we thought about this some time as well, but we ended up deciding because:

  • everyone has something different to offer in terms of adventures
  • we think we have experiences that could be useful for other people, just like other and wil provide insights for us at some point during our travels.
  • it is fun and you should try it to!
  • we document our experiences in a beautiful and constructive way

So who are you?

We are not your typical travel blog couple that is in another country every month or week or... We are neither digital nomads nor backpackers who wandering around the world, although we guess we both would love to try this out. We work as statistician and computer scientist.

We are just a normal passionate couple living currently in Paris, France in their late-twenties that has the opportunity through two full-time jobs, saving money and much of desire to travel 3-4 times per year. We have been in France for 5 years now but we are originally from Cyprus.

Our travel adventures involve every time a mix bag of everything: museums, ancient temples, wandering around the streets to get the feel of cities and villages, hikings, food and alcohol tasting, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, zip-lining and taking lots of photos.

We are no professional or anything. You could probably describe us best as amateur click happy more than anything.

We have not been to many countries yet, but we will try to provide details, tips and photos from our trips in Mexico, USA, Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and some interesting tips about Paris and Cyprus.

Using the content of this blog

First let us thank you for showing the interest in our blog. Content and photos of this blog are released under the Creative Commons license and the code is available on github under the GNU Affero General Public License 3.0

Content and photos

Since we did not start this blog with a purpose of getting money out of it we believe that the best way to release our content is with the Creative Commons license. You can share and adapt our content and photos with the condition that the purpose of it is non-commercial, you attribute back credit to us and you share it with the same license.


To build this blog we relied on a series of open source frameworks and tools and we felt an obligation to provide back as well to that wondeful community. The choice was easy!


Both the texts and the photos are released under the Creative Commons License.
Code of this blog is released under the GNU Affero General Public License 3.0, and is available on Github